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Organisations are a part of everyones life - whether sporting or activist, professional or volunteer.  But how do you find out if there is an organisation, what it's called and how to contact it?  You could always rely on Google (and Google is useful) but you may need a more targetted resource and the State Library has some great publications and databases that can help.


Looking for an Australian organisation - try the Directory of Australian Associations. Covering sport and recreation organisations, cultural, social, ethnic, business/ professional associations, environmental organisations etc. the directory lists over 5,500 Australian associations and includes contact details and web addresses.

For overseas organisations the multi volume Encyclopedia of Associations is the place to go. However we have a multitude of specialist directories that may also help - ask a staff member for more information.


There's probably more information out there - ask our staff for help and you'll soon know more!

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Page last updated: Wednesday 6 April 2011

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