How to Register for Computer Access

The State Library has library catalogue computers and 20 minute Internet access computers that do not require bookings for access. If you require longer access to our Internet computers you need to register for computer access on our computer booking system. Once you have registered please ask our staff to confirm your registration. After your registration is confirmed you will be able to book access on our computers. Staff at the ground floor welcome desk and the reference desks on every other floor can confirm your registration for you.

Registering for temporary access to our computer booking system

If you are not a Western Australian resident or are unable to provide proof of name for full registration please speak to our staff to arrange a temporary guest registration. You do not need to provide identification to register as a guest. All you will need to do is provide us with your first and last name. Our staff will add your name to our computer booking system which will provide you with the ability to make computer bookings for seven days.

Registering for permanent access to our computer booking system

Please follow these steps to register for access to the Library’s computer booking system:

  1. Go to the State Library of Western Australia’s homepage.
  2. Click the Book a computer link in the Quicklinks menu. The Public PC Reservation & Booking screen will appear.
  3. Click the Register icon. The Register screen will appear. Please fill in all the required fields and click the Register button. The Registration Successful screen will appear. Please click Return.
  4. Before you can make a computer booking you will need to have your registration confirmed by a staff member. Please provide your proof of name to our staff so they can verify your registration details. Any form of current, official identification that displays your name will be accepted for example: passport, drivers licence, healthcare card.
  5. Please visit the ground floor welcome desk or any of the reference desks and ask our staff to confirm your registration. You will be asked to show your proof of name after which staff will confirm your registration and issue you with your library card. You will use your library card whenever you make computer bookings in the State Library.
  6. Once your registration is confirmed you will be able to make computer bookings: (a) from home via our website, (b) on the two bookings computers in the Library foyer, (c) on one of the twelve 20 minute access computers in the Discovery Lounge on the ground floor, (d) on any library computer that you have already booked, (e) on any computer that has the "I'm Available" screen showing, (f) on our catalogue computers, and (g) on your laptop through our wireless network.

Are you ready to register for computer access?

Yes! I am ready to Register for computer access.

How can I register if I do not have a computer at home?

If you do not have a computer at home and need to make a booking please call us on: 08 9427 3111. Our staff will be able to make a computer booking for you. If you also need to register, our staff will create a guest registration on your behalf and then make a computer booking for you. Once you have arrived at the Library you will be able to create a permanent registration and receive your library card.

 Please remember

  • You may book one hour at a time
  • If you pause your booking so you can leave your computer without losing your computer to another client, your booking time continues to countdown until all your bookingtime is exhausted
  • If you logout before the end of your booking any time remaining in that booking will be lost
  • Please see our How to make your computer booking page for help on how to make a computer booking
  • If you have any questions about computer bookings please see our Frequently asked questions about computer bookings page
  • Please see a member of staff if you need any further assistance
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Page last updated: Tuesday 3 February 2015

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