Access to Our Building and Services

The State Library of Western Australia is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities, their families and carers have the same opportunities, rights and responsibilities as others to access equitable library and information services. To implement this vision the Library has developed a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

Download the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (PDF 105KB)

Wheelchair Access

There is wheelchair access to the building from James or Francis Streets, lifts to all floors and a wheelchair accessible toilet on each floor. A wheelchair is available for client use.

The State Library of Western Australia is proud to be part of the "You're Welcome" WA Access Initiative in conjunction with the City of Perth. Please view details of the State Library's facilities.

Vision Impairment and Other Print Disabilities

Large Text OPACs and Internet PCs

Several of the workstations offering access to information websites and the Internet are now available with a large text display for easier viewing. Each workstation is clearly labelled as having large text display, but please ask staff for directions to the closest workstation if you are unsure.

Now you can read any book!

If you or someone you know has impaired vision or another print disability, the following equipment is available to allow you to read almost any book in the Alexander Library Building. You are also welcome to bring in your own reading material.

Aladdin Video Enlarger

Place printed material or a photograph on the mobile table and see it displayed on the monitor in whatever magnification you choose. Very easy to operate and ideal if you find it difficult to read very small print. Available on a self-access basis on the first floor of the Alexander Library Building. No bookings required.

Kurzweil Reading Edge

For people with print disabilities. Scans printed material and reads the text aloud in high quality synthesised speech. You can download text onto a computer disc or record onto audio cassette for later use. (Please bring your own blank cassettes or discs). Bookings required.

To Book the Reading Edge telephone (08) 9427 3104 or book in person at the Reception Desk on the Ground Floor. You can make bookings for one hour, up to a maximum of three hours per day. Please tell the Receptionist at the time of booking if you require specific State Library resources to be retrieved and available for your use.

Using the Reading Edge

Please report to the Reception Desk on the Ground Floor on arrival. You will be issued with a set of headphones which must be used with the Reading Edge at all times.

Staff Assistance

All staff are trained to provide clients with brief operating instructions sufficient for you to operate the equipment independently. Should you require additional assistance to carry out specific operations on the Reading Edge, you will need to make an appointment in advance to meet with a special needs coordinator. This assistance must be requested when making a booking and will be available Monday - Friday between 9.00am - 5.30pm.

Tactile Path

A tactile path leads from the City Railway Station overpass to the James Street entrance to the Alexander Library Building.

For further information on services for people with special needs, ask at the enquiries desks on each floor.

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Page last updated: Monday 7 January 2013

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