Use the Get-It! service to:

  • search, place, track, renew or cancel your requests

Collect your ordered items from reception on the ground floor of the State Library of Western Australia.

Items not collected after 7 days will be returned to the lending library.

Some additional conditions may apply to rare or high demand items.

Fees may apply
for some items. Where fees apply, advice will be offered and payment requested, before these loans are arranged.
Delivery times vary.

Home Delivery Service
For $10.00 per item - delivery only - the Home Delivery Service is offered. Express Post is used to deliver items.

Please note that return of loans via post or in person to the State Library of Western Australia (SLWA) is at your expense.

Returns should not be made via local libraries but directly to SLWA.

To request home delivery, choose "home delivery" as the Pick-up Location and you will be sent a link to BPoint for payment by credit card.

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Page last updated: Thursday 7 July 2016

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