Schools and Teachers

Information about Western Australian schools and teachers may be found in various sources in the Battye Library and the State Records Office. This guide is intended to indicate some starting points for research.

Where to look

Battye Library

Online catalogue for books, pamphlets, oral histories, some photographs and serials such as school magazines and newsletters.

  • General Index (Battye) (microfiche) for references to newspapers and serial articles about topics and places indexed prior to 1984.
  • Biographical Index (Battye) (microfiche) for references to newspaper and serial articles about people indexed prior to 1984. Material indexed after 1984 can be found in the online catalogue.
  • Pictorial Collection Index (Card) for photographs (some photographs can now be found in our online catalogue.

Please note: There may be references to archival material in these catalogues and indexes.

State Records Office Material*

  • AN45 & WAA12* - Lists of files deposited in the State Records Office by the Ministry of Education.
  • Schools Index Microfiche index of cards listing archives files relating to schools also found in AN45* or WAA12*.

These may contain the names of teachers.

Some subject headings to search under in the indexes

  • Name of school
  • Place name schools
  • Place name name of school
  • Education
  • Catholic schools
  • Name of teacher / student

How to obtain an item

Battye Library Material

Material housed in the storage stack area can now be requested on-line. Simply press the request icon on the catalogue record and follow the instructions. Private Archives material still requires the completion of a callslip. For material from the General and Biographical Indexes note the reference e.g. WA 29/7/59 p.4 and staff will be pleased to indicate where the item may be found.

State Records Office Material

Search through the listings of documents to find the relevant one(s). Note: accession or consignment and file/volume numbers and record on a Search Room call slip (blue). These call slips will be checked by the staff of the State Records Office on the ground floor of the building.

Names of Teachers

Names of students

Generally, the Ministry of Education has not retained school registers. Any existing registers will be listed in AN45*, WAA12*, the Schools Index or be at the school. Try also school magazines for lists of teachers and students.

Opening dates of schools

Check the online catalogue for histories of schools, towns or districts.

Location of schools

A set of 24 maps showing the location of Government schools in 1945, with index is available at 38/5 index and sheets 1-24 (ex-551C). Schools are marked on many townsite plans and street directories.

Certificates and Reports

Achievement, Junior and Leaving Certificates, Certificates of Secondary Education and Tertiary Admission and Tertiary Entrance results are held at the following address, to which all enquiries and applications for replacements should be made:

Curriculum Council of Western Australia
27 Walters Drive
Phone (08) 9273 6300

Requests for replacements of technical certificates should be addressed to:

Department of Education & Training
151 Royal Street
Phone (08) 9264 4111

Applications for copies of ordinary school reports should be addressed to the schools at which the reports were gained.

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Page last updated: Thursday 1 September 2011

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