Place Names

This guide will help in researching the history of the naming of townsites, districts, localities, roads, streets, parks, reserves and other geographical features (also some plant names).

References To Place Names

References to Street Names

These are some examples of sources for the metropolitan area. See local histories, catalogues and indexes for other street names and the Lands and Surveys Department Road Names Index (microfiche).

References To Indigenous Names

References To Plant Names

Local Histories

Many local histories include nomenclature details for the district. References can be found in the online catalogue searching by place name.

In the Catalogues and Indexes

Nomenclature details about individual places may be found in our various catalogues and indexes.

Look in the General Index (Battye) - microfiche - for newspaper and serial articles indexed before 1984 under the headings

  • Place name Nomenclature
  • Place name Naming of
  • Place name Street names
  • Aborigines Place names

Search in the online catalogue under the subject heading Names Western Australia.

Department of Land Information (Landgate)

The Geographic Names Section of Landgate has an on-line database providing information on the naming of Western Australian country towns, metropolitan suburbs, metropolitan street names and river names.

Address: Department of Land Information
1 Midland Square
Morrison Road
Midland WA 6056
Telephone: (08) 9273 7373

Remember, if you require assistance, ask at the Battye Library Enquiry Desk.

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Page last updated: Thursday 1 September 2011

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