Cemetery Records

Metropolitan Cemeteries

The main cemeteries administered by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board are Karrakatta, Pinnaroo, Midland, Guildford and Fremantle. You can search online for names in these cemeteries in the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board website.

East Perth Cemetery

East Perth Cemetery was the first burial ground in Perth with interments commencing in 1830. Early settlers and pioneers were buried there until 1899 when Karrakatta Cemetery opened. Burials of descendants of these early pioneers continued until the mid 1920s.

A three volume work about this site, East Perth Cemetery: resting place of Western Australian pioneers, by James A Richardson (Q 929.5 RIC) provides useful details of the cemetery and people buried there.There is also a microfiche index of East Perth burials which was compiled by members of the Western Australian Genealogical Society (WAGS).

Karrakatta, Fremantle, Pinnaroo, Guildford & Midland Cemeteries

The first burial at Karrakatta Cemetery was in 1899 although there are some burials for exhumations from the East Perth Cemetery for people who died earlier. The earliest burial in Guildford Cemetery was in 1892, in Midland Cemetery in 1904 and in Fremantle’s Carrington Street Cemetery in 1898.

In Fremantle there were also cemeteries in Alma and Skinner Streets which were used from 1856-1910. An index to these cemeteries and to the current Carrington Street Cemetery is in Series 10 of the Western Australian Cemeteries Index produced by the Western Australian Genealogical Society (WAGS) in 1989.

It is possible to search online for names on tombstones in the East Perth Cemetery on the website of the Dead Persons Society. This site details the history of the cemetery - scroll down to the centre of the page and click on the red ‘Burial Register’ button to search the names.

Country Cemeteries

There are a number of methods of locating country cemetery records. You can search by keyword in the on-line catalogue. Type in keywords such as cemeteries-electronic-[place name] e.g. cemeteries electronic Harvey. Click from the catalogue record to the cemetery listing.

Burial Records

Church records showing burials for some churches are held in the Private Archives Collection. Listings of State Library holdings can be found in the Manuscript Notes (MNs) as follows:

Some miscellaneous church records are listed in MN 1217.

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