e-Resources Conditions of Use

Use of e-Resources is governed by the terms of the licence agreements between the publishers and the State Library of Western Australia and users are required to comply with the terms and conditions set out in these agreements.

  • Use is permitted for private research or study purposes only and is not permitted for business, commercial or work related purposes.

  • Limited copying or reproducing from e-Resource is usually permitted for private research or study purposes only. Users should refer to any copyright or terms of use statements appearing within the e-Resource and comply with the instructions. Where no statement restricting copyright can be found, users should assume that as a minimum requirement they should comply with the Australian Copyright Act, available from the Australian Copyright Council website.

  • Use is for the registered member only and access is not transferable.

  • Students may use the e-Resources at home but schools may not place links to the e-Resource on school websites for students to use while at the educational institution.
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Page last updated: Thursday 14 April 2011

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