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The State Library collects a representative selection of newspapers from other Australian States and Territories. Newspapers are held in print, microfilm, microfiche and electronic formats. The collection includes:

titles from all Australian capital cities;
major national papers;
papers published by non-western and other social groups; and
a selection of Australian-published newspapers in languages other than English.

Current issues

Check the catalogue for locations of current issues of Australian newspapers.  All of our electronic subscriptions to newspaper titles are accessible on all computers within the library.

Back issues

The back issues of Western Australian newspapers are held in the Battye Library on the 3rd floor. Check the catalogue for location of back issues of interstate and other newspapers. Microfiche and microfilm reader-printers are available on the 1st and 2nd floors of the State Library for you to access newspapers in microform format. Please ask staff if you require help to use the equipment. 

Our library catalogue

Newspapers in hardcopy and electronic formats may be found through our library catalogue.

You may search for a newspaper by  e.g. Australian, Sydney Morning Herald but may need to limit the search to find the one you want:
Click Limit/Sort Search
Click Serial from the Monograph/SERIAL/index option box
Click A > Alexander Library Building in the WHERE Item is located options box
Click Submit
An exact record or a list of possible matches for the title entered in the Title search box will appear on screen
Click the item title to open a full view record
Click the Request button if the newspaper is held in a Stack location to arrange a time to view newspapers
Catalogue records for newspapers in electronic format will include links to the electronic resources in which the newspapers are held.

Electronic resources

Some Australian newspapers, transcripts of selected radio and television broadcasts and newswire services are available electronically via our e-newspapers page.  These services may be accessed within the State Library building.

Our e-Resources for Public Library Members service provides access to some electronic newspaper articles in Australia New Zealand Reference Centre.  All you need is your public library card number and you can begin accessing a world of information from your home computer.

Electronic indexes to Australian newspapers

Australia New Zealand Reference Centre contains full text of many Australian newspapers

Australian Public Affairs Full Text (APAFT)

Other useful Australian newspaper internet sites

INFOQUICK is a selective index to The Sydney Morning Herald and its supplements from 1 January 1988 to 30 June 2005.

You can find Australian historical newspapers at: is a searchable listing of Australian and New Zealand newspapers, including a directory of local and regional newspapers.

For further assistance and information please ask a staff member at one of our service desks, via telephone on 08 9427 3111, or email us at

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Page last updated: Wednesday 21 March 2012

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