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The library has an extensive collection of business newspapers. Most of these papers also have websites, although content may be restricted for non-subscribers. Access to full text of many business newspapers is also available through our subscription newspaper databases.

  • Asian Wall Street Journal
    Provides news and analysis of global business developments for an Asian audience. Also available online.
  • The Australian
    The national daily newspaper gives authoritative cover of Australian events and includes a 'focus on western Australia' page in each edition.  Also available in online.
  • Australian Financial Review
    Widely considered to be the most authoritative Australian business and finance daily newspaper.  Also available online.
  • Barrons
    Weekly publication for investors from the publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Also available online.
  • Business Review Weekly: BRW
    Not really a newspaper but worth a mention here as it is the major Australian weekly business magazine. The web site includes BRW's popular 'top 500' listed and private company rankings. This magazine is also available online.
  • Financial Times Asian Edition
    International business, finance, economic and political news, comment and analysis. Also available online.
  • Lloyd's List Daily Commercial News
    A business newspaper focusing on Australian commodities, published three times a week. Also available online.
  • Nikkei Weekly
    English-language business newspaper providing latest news, editorials and commentaries from Japan. Also available online.
  • WA Business News
    The only Western Australian business newspaper - published weekly. Some content is also available online.
  • Wall Street Journal
    International and national news with a business and financial perspective. Also available online.
  • The West Australian
    The major daily newspaper in Western Australia, with local and Australian business news. Also available online.
  • Community Newspapers 
    Digital editions of Perth metropolitan community newspapers. Issues are able to be selected by title and date from drop down menus. Archive available back to 2006. Available in print in the State Library by individual title, using a catalogue search.

Electronic Resources

For more Western Australian, interstate or international news try the State Library’s subscription newspaper databases (accessible in the Alexander Library Building). You can use your WA library card to log on to Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre via our e-Resources for Public Library Members. You can find Australian historical newspapers at:


As well as the sites listed with the print pages you can use the following websites for business and other news about WA and the world:

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Page last updated: Thursday 11 August 2011

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