Meet the Books Moove Me Cow

Books Moove Me Cow

The State Library purchased the "Books Moove Me" cow in June 2010, as a unique way to promote some of our talented West Australian authors and illustrators. The cow was designed and painted for the Margaret River Cow Parade by members of the WA Branch of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (known as SCBWI, pronounced Skwibby) and will be on display in different areas of the Library.

Author Dianne Wolfer, and illustrator Frane Lessac created the application to design and paint the cow. Once it was accepted, a group led by author Louise Schofield brain-stormed the design. The cow was delivered, and painted over three very hot days in January. The artists are a mix of emerging and established talent:

  • Matt Ottley painted the beautiful background, then
  • Frane Lessac
  • Wendy Binks
  • Samantha Hughes
  • Karen Blair
  • Shannon Melville
  • Briony Stewart
  • and James Foley added in the details.

Come and visit the cow to find the book bridge, a book house and a book helicopter!

To include some of our local authors, book covers were added to the tree with different titles on each side of the cow. Look out for books by some of the creators above, and:

  • Mark Greenwood
  • Elaine Forrestal and Moira Court
  • Norman Jorgenson
  • Meg McKinlay
  • Sally Murphy
  • Joy and Mike Lefroy and Marion Duke.

A sheet with all the details of who painted what can be downloaded here, and copies of all the books can be purchased at the State Library Shop, or browsed at The Story Place.

WA Authors and Illustrators

Fun Things to Do...

  • Create your own cow painting. Draw a cow as big as the page in pencil. Go over the pencil outline with black paint. Fill in the rest of the page with paint so there is no white paper showing. Make sure you sign your colourful painting with your name and age. Look at an example by a 3 year old (helped by his Mum).
  • Print out a cow colouring sheet here. Colour your cow with a beautiful design, then give her a name.
  • Write a poem about your cow.
  • Look at some of the characters on the cow. Make up a story about the book-a-saurus, or the book aeroplane.
  • Look at some photographs of the cow arriving at the Library.

More Serious Things to Do...

  • Find out more about the Cow Parades. They have been held in more than 60 cities world wide. Can you name ten of them?
  • Conduct a pretend interview with the Books Moove Me cow. Where has she come from? What happened during her journey to Australia?
  • Create your own cow out of modelling clay.
  • Read two of the books shown on the cow. Have a look for them at your local library or buy them from the State Library Shop.


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Page last updated: Thursday 14 April 2016

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