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Creating and Keeping Your Digital Treasures: A User Guide

Working with digital objects such as Word files and photographs has become a part of daily life for almost everyone. The State Library has recently completed a document which may be of interest to you and your colleagues in creating and maintaining digital objects for the long term.

'Creating and Keeping Your Digital Treasures: A User Guide' provides guidelines on quality, file formats and best practice for creating, naming and storing digital objects. The guide has been written for a non-technical audience and is based on the minimum file format and quality standards at the State Library. We hope this document proves to be useful for anyone who collects digital objects, from individuals creating personal collections of digital photographs through to organisations building their own digital archives.

The document is freely downloadable here. (PDF)

We would appreciate your feedback on the document. You are welcome to comment using our standard feedback form, or by emailing

If you find the guide useful, feel free to circulate the document to your extended networks.

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Page last updated: Friday 17 December 2010

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