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  1. This is the new website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where new transcribed records and images are being added regularly. Select Browse our record collection to see what is available.
  2. The world's largest gateway to family history resources with international coverage.
  3. GlobaLex is an electronic legal publication dedicated to international and foreign law research. Published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law
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  4. An international family history gateway with lots of information on resources available for particular countries and regions, mailing lists and much more.
  5. The Audiovisual Library aims to provide free, scholarly resources to students and practitioners around the world, particularly in regions where there are few resources for the study of international law.
  6. Aging Everywhere: AARP International’s resource featuring quick facts, research, and events around the world. The Aging Everywhere interactive world map serves as a “one-stop” international clearing house of the most relevant and timely informa…
  7. Hundreds of links to yellow pages, white pages, business, email , address and fax directories for more than 200 countries
  8. Comprehensive, comparable and up-to-date statistics on trade in merchandise and commercial services for an assessment of world trade flows by country, region and main product groups or services by category.

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