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  1. This site is currently being updated for 2007 state electoral boundaries. As of March 2007, it has no information about existing boundaries. If a customer wants to know which electorate they are in, you should try the parliament WA site's list of …
  2. Includes parliamentary members, bills, Hansard, legislation and sitting dates.
  3. Includes Hansard, list of MPs, sitting dates and bills before the parliament.
  4. Time Provides free access to all its articles and covers, dating back to 1923.
  5. Encyclopedia of symbols.
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  6. "Columbia Granger's Poetry Database, produced by Columbia University Press, contains works of poetry found in anthologies, and volumes of collected works and selected works for individual poets. This database currently has more than 95,000 poems i…
  7. SLWA subscribes; you should be taken straight in from within Alexander Library Building.
  8. The official site for up to date Commonwealth Legislation.
  9. Only a small number of unique WA plants and animals are covered in this State Government site.
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  11. Australian science news.
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  12. List of popes.
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  14. A web 2.0 news site for Perth, voted on and contributed by readers.
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  15. Links to world newspapers.
  16. Search for a Justice of the Peace by suburb or by name.
  17. There are better print resources, but this has definitions for a number of Australian slang expressions.
  18. Encyclopedia of urban legends. Quite professional. USA focused.
  19. The Australian Museum is Australia's oldest museum: a museum of natural history and anthropology, its collections cover invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, mineralogy and palaeontology, and anthropology.
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