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  1. Free German lessons and language resources for students, teachers, and lovers of German - including quizzes, sound files, teaching ideas, online dictionaries, and cultural info. You can practice your German in the chatroom and forums where you'll …
  2. offers a varied range of sites including news, sport, community, education, children's, and lifestyle sites, with TV programme support, radio on demand, and easy to use web search from the BBC.
  3. Use this to calculate distance by ROAD.
  4. Good basic fact sheets on different legal matters.
  5. Virtual planetarium on the web. If you enter latitude and longitude for where you are it will display star charts.
  6. A page on each premier.
  7. -
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  9. Paper World turns the past into a present with original newspapers - A unique gift for a birthday, special anniversary or a Mother's Day gift.
  10. Includes historical data for Australia's inflation rate 1969-present.
  11. -
  12. Resources concerning biodiversity and conservation initatives.
  13. Includes: Facts about Australia Sun & Moon times anywhere in Australia Australia's most recent earthquakes Find any geographical place in Australia Find out the distance between any two locations in Australia Online databases Online …
  14. Map shows tribal areas and languages pre-European settlement.
  15. Includes profiles and statistics for all past and present Australian first class players.
  16. Fact-sheets and museum created pages on animals, dinosaurs and fossils, rocks and minerals, and indigneous Australia.
  17. Slang dictionary with user definitions.
  18. News about the internet, including in the categories of business, security, new technology.
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  19. Gateway to Australian government information. Includes some official information about Australia - symbols, awards, facts and figures.
  20. AEC site allows users to find out what federal electorate a particular suburb is in. It includes both current information and information for boundaries as they were at the 2004 Federal Election.

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