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  1. Encyclopedia of urban legends. Quite professional. USA focused.
  2. The Australian Museum is Australia's oldest museum: a museum of natural history and anthropology, its collections cover invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, mineralogy and palaeontology, and anthropology.
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  4. Aggregator and search engine for news.
  5. A huge database of just about every known acronym.
  6. Up-to-date database of constitutions, charters, amendments and other related documents from around the world.
  7. An international business and country studies information portal.
  8. AltaVista Babel Fish provides the online text and web page language translation. You may type in text for a translation.
  9. An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages. Find out what languages are spoken in which countries. Includes listing of Australian Aboriginal languages.
  10. "Moody's is the web's best source of free economic data. Users can quickly and easily chart and download economic data."
  11. "The Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) has served veterinarians and other animal health professionals as a concise and reliable animal health reference for over 45 years. The Merck Veterinary Manual Online is published on a nonprofit basis through a …
  12. Full text of Western Australian legislation.
  13. Free e-books which are no longer copyrighted. Contains the text of 20 000 books. A good source for literary classics, from Shakespeare to James Joyce's Ulysses; as well as ancient texts like the Karma Sutra and the King James Bible.
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  15. The Parliamentary Information and Research Service (PIRS) provides a consulting service for individual parliamentarians, responding to questions that require research and analysis on legal, economic, scientific, or social science matters. Researchers obtain and analyze material, and write letters, short notes and longer research papers at the request of Senators and Members of the House of Commons. In some cases, responses are provided to clients by telephone briefings or by meetings with individual parliamentarians and/or their staff.
  16. Videos of relationships between IT and Library
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  17. Presentation at loclibs on Library 2.0
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  18. Discussion on blogs by Jessamyn West, from Loclibs Conference, Friday March 2nd, 2007
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  19. Official website for Scotland with births, marriages and deaths, census records plus parish registers and wills. Recent additions include Roman Catholic records and RC British Army records from the Bishopric of the Forces. Free searching and then pay-per-view for images of documents.
  20. Use RecordSearch to find the digitised service records of Australian men and women who served in World War One plus passenger lists, naturalisation records and more.

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