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  1. News from Darbyshire Record Office.
    Tags: , by family_history (16 Jun 2015)
  2. Subtitled Resident Aliens in the Late Middle Ages this database has the names of foreigners who travelled to England in medieval times.
  3. The Ups and Downs magazine was published from August 1895 to December 1949 in Toronto by the Canadian Branch of Dr. Barnardo’s organisation, which brought more British home children to Canada than any other. This database contains more than 59,000 names of home children that appear in the magazine. When Barnardo’s took over the Macpherson homes in 1924, there was a Marchmont Home section that catered to children who came out through Annie Macpherson’s homes. During the period when this magazine was published, about 30,000 British children arrived in Canada through these organisations. Site includes index to home children deaths, and indexes for various homes.
  4. The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australia contains brief biographical details of people in Western Australia prior to 1888. It has been scanned by volunteers and made available on the Friends of Battye Library website.
  5. The databases featured and included in the combined search are:
    Community Memory - a database of plaques and public memorials throughout the City.
    Dublin Directory 1647-1708 - a database of Dubliners compiled from a variety of sources.
    Ancient freemen of Dublin (1461 to 1491, and 1564 to 1774) - a database of all those on the who were entered into the Freedom of the City by the City Assembly.
    Dublin City Electoral Lists 1908 to 1915 - a database of all those registered to vote in municipal elections.
    Dublin City Electoral Lists 1938 to 1964 - a database of all those registered to vote in local elections
    Dublin Graveyards Directory - a database with details of all graveyards in the Dublin area.
    Cemetery Burial Registers (Clontarf, Drimnagh, and Finglas) - a database of those buried in three now closed cemeteries which are under the control of Dublin City Council.
    More databases will be added as they are completed.
    Tags: by family_history (12 May 2015)
  6. Collection of online cemetery records for all states.
  7. Ulster Ancestry has some bits and pieces to assist your research and a list of the Townlands of Ulster. Also a series of free pages sorted by date and document type.
    Tags: by family_history (04 May 2015)
  8. On this website you will find not only many extracts of Births, Marriages, Deaths etc transcribed from various newspapers but also various news stories, book extracts, church records, records of deceased seamen and the names of over 25,000 Presbyterians who served during the Great War of 1914-1919.

    While in the News Extracts section the Birth, Marriage and Death transcriptions may be of the most immediate interest to those researching their family history there is a wealth of information contained in the general "clippings" which include court reports, inquests, subscriptions lists (some of which contain 100s of names) and many other items of general historic and social interest.
    Tags: by family_history (04 May 2015)
  9. Online indexes for births 1788-1915, marriages 1788-1965 and deaths 1788-1985 for New South Wales.
  10. Search the historical indexes online for Queensland births 1829-1915, marriages 1829-1940 and deaths 1829-1985.
  11. Dedicated to the collection, indexing and preservation of records and histories of families in colonial-era Burma. Subscription membership. Includes some cemetery and BDM transcriptions, directories, histories, contributed family histories, and links to other sites and message boards. Advice is also available.
  12. Lots of resources for researching in Limerick. Digitised indexes, family histories (1769-1925), directories etc.
    Tags: by family_history (18 Mar 2015)
  13. Cork City Council Genealogy pages. Online indexes relating to Cork including one to O'Kief, Coshe Mang - Cork material. Online directories (see under tab: places), electoral districts, etc.
  14. Family history information and advice from Waterford County Council. Links to cemetery and other indexes.,Family,History
    Tags: by family_history (18 Mar 2015)
  15. Various lists and indexes, cemetery records, List of Freemen of Cork City 1710-1841, Aldwell's Directory of Cork City 1845, etc.
  16. On the 29 March 1849 Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery was opened on an 18 acres site on Mulgrave Street to alleviate the overcrowded city graveyards. From 1849 until 1979 the cemetery was run by the Catholic Church and in 1979 it was taken over by Limerick City Council. Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery was the primary place of burial in Limerick for all strata of society, from the wealthy to those who died in the Lunatic Asylum and Workhouses.
    Burial Records date from March, 1855 and the Burial Register records that over 70,000 individuals have been interred in Mount Saint Lawrence, up to 2009.
  17. An ongoing endeavour to make the registers of baptism, marriage and burial from Church of Ireland parishes available in a digital format. The online version is hosted by the Representative Church Body Library, which will periodically introduce new transcripts of parish registers.
    At time of writing this project is still very new but Delgany (Glendalough)Co. Wicklow is available along with Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford. Check the index volume in order to find individuals in the registers.
  18. Early Irish birth and marriage indexes. Irish Genealogist (journal) index. Searching is free but full information is available only to members.
  19. Pay-for-use site. However, after registering you are able to do searches for free.
    The Irish Family History Foundation has been the coordinating body for a network of county genealogy centres on the island of Ireland for over twenty five years. The genealogy centres’ databases include parish church records of baptisms, marriages and deaths, census returns and gravestone inscriptions. Millions of these records are searchable online.
  20. Use this site for searching indexes and ordering certificates for Northern Ireland.

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