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  1. A gallery of approximately 500 photographs of ships which brought emigrants and convicts to Australia and New Zealand from the 1840s to the 1890s.
  2. Has a page detailing available church records and some useful links. Research assistance is available for a fee.
    Tags: by family_history (09 Feb 2015)
  3. The geographical area covered by this site is the rural area of Eastern Essex sandwiched between the Towns of Chelmsford, Maldon, Wickford and the coast. There are over 130 pages on this site containing details of thousands of people and the background to their lives.
    Tags: by family_history (09 Feb 2015)
  4. Pay for use site. Approved pension applications of widows and other dependents of Civil War veterans who served between 1861 and 1910. Ultimately, the Civil War Widows' Pensions project will digitise, index, and make available approximately 1,280,000 Civil War and later widows’ files. Many of the widows and families are from Europe - some still living there.
  5. Archives 1914-1918: during the First World War, 10 million people, servicemen or civilians, were captured and sent to detention camps.
    The belligerent countries involved provided lists of prisoners to the ICRC, wich created an index card for each prisoner and detainee. Now, you can search through all 5 million of them.
  6. Explore millions of items from a range of Europe's leading galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, sheet music and recordings, they’re all here. No need to travel the continent, either physically or virtually!
  7. Bristol Radical History Group are an organisation of local people from Bristol. As well as organising talks and events they publish a range of historical pamphlets and host an archive on this website. Their latest project is the Eastville Workhouse Burial Data - listing the names of people who died in Eastville Workhouse and were buried in unmarked graves in Rosemary Green.
  8. Lighthouses of Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation which aims to create a higher profile for Australian lighthouses within Australia and overseas, and thereby preserve, protect and promote their place within our history.
    The site includes a comprehensive list of lighthouses in each state, with relevant photos, technical data, history, access details along with links to other lighthouse organisations, museums, resources and other information.
    Tags: by family_history (13 Jan 2015)
  9. Picture South Perth is an online collection of historic images dating back to the 1870s that showcases the people, places and events that have shaped the City of South Perth.
    It contains images from the City of South Perth's Local History Collection which have been scanned and catalogued by dedicated library staff.
  10. Picture Kalamunda is made up of images from the Shire of Kalamunda Local History Collection, depicting local people, places and events. For more information on the Local History Collection please visit the Shire of Kalamunda Local History Collection.
  11. The State Library has a collection of Lloyd's Registers in the Genealogy Centre on the 3rd Floor. This web page includes useful information about this publication.
  12. This site has details of millions of family announcements published in newspapers in the UK since 2008. It includes births, marriages, deaths, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, obituaries and more.
  13. This site has details of funerals around Australia. It currently lists over 300,000 funerals from about 2009 onwards.
  14. Includes Roman Catholic and Protestant births, marriages and deaths as well as directories, maps and more. All information is freely available.
    Tags: by family_history (15 Dec 2014)
  15. Searchable database of births, marriages and deaths in New Zealand. Information available includes births that occurred at least 100 years ago, stillbirths that occurred at least 50 years ago, marriages that occurred 80 years ago and deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth was at least 80 years ago.
  16. Information about the Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc. Website includes their online catalogue, a research interests register, a Boer War database and more.
  17. Free searching of 1901 England and Wales census. Pay-per-view to see original image.
    Tags: by family_history (02 Dec 2014)
  18. This site provides historical facts, figures, data, records and reports about the Duke of York's Royal Military School. It is a potpourri, a collection of odds and ends having to do with the school's history including the early history of the institution that was once known as the Royal Military Asylum.
    The Duke of York's Royal Military School was founded in 1801 and opened its doors in August 1803 as a haven to the orphaned children of soldiers who had fallen in the Great War with France that began in 1793 and ended with the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
    The Royal Hibernian Military School (1769 – 1924), Phoenix Park, Dublin, was originally the Hibernian Asylum created by the Hibernian Society, a philanthropic organization founded in Dublin in 1769 following the Seven Years War. The Society petitioned the King for a charter, which was granted. The Society’s aim was to help the orphaned children of soldiers who fell during the war, its services later being extended to the destitute families of soldiers leaving Ireland for overseas service.
    This is an archived site so will not be updated.
  19. This website includes transcriptions of parish records for about 90 towns and villages in and around the Forest of Dean as well as photographs, inquests, maps and historical articles. You need to register to search and can also add your own surname interests.
  20. Comprehensive website full of useful information about lunatic asylums and mental hospitals. It mainly covers England and Wales but has spread to include some parts of Scotland and Ireland and even has some overseas material.

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