Staff Awards

Terry Campbell Award for Service Excellence

The Terry Campbell Award for Service Excellence is awarded to a staff member who, on a particular occasion or, by general attitude to the public or to staff, deserves special recognition in any area of the State Library’s services.  Nominations are received from staff members or members of the public.

The award is in memory of Terry Campbell (1931 - 1989) who worked as a receptionist and telephonist with the State Library.  She was unfailingly helpful and courteous, and this award aims to recognise staff who display excellence in service delivery.

The award was presented to the following staff in 2015 - 2016: 

Leonie Hayes and Tricia Fairweather;
Staff and Volunteers in The Place
Tony Dacosta;
Frances Hammond   

The award was presented to the following staff in 2013 – 2014:

Carina McPherson;
Western Australian Genealogical Society Volunteer Team;
Damien Webb & Steve Howell;
Theresa Archer;
Jeff Booth;
Archives Processing Volunteer Team;
Illona Tobin;
Data and Discovery Team;
Alanna Kusin;
Welcome Desk Team;
Toni Young & Pena Atanasoff;
Anita Freeman;
Janet Deegan;
Hassan Helan

The award was presented to the following staff in 2011 - 2012: 

Karen Alexander;
Lorraine Beck;
OHRRG Project Audio Technicians team - Maureen Blackford, Kim Lofts, David Kilroy and Andzrej Borzyskowski;
Information Kiosk team - Peter Edwards, Janet Hocken, Frances Hammond, John Geijsman, Jude Cooper and Rachel Turner;
Pat de Haer (volunteer); and
Get it! Project team - David Whiteford, Vicky Carlyon, Sandra Papenfus and Sandy Jones.

Mollie Lukis Award

The Mollie Lukis Award is presented to an individual or work team in the State Library or the State Records Office for their outstanding contribution to any aspect of appraising, collecting, arranging, preserving and making available materials which reflect the cultural heritage of Western Australia.

This award honours the contribution of Mollie Lukis, OBE and Fellow of the Library Board, who was the first State Archivist and, on her retirement, was in charge of the State Archives and the J S Battye Library of West Australian History.  It was awarded for the first time in 2001 to mark Mollie Lukis' 90th birthday.

In 2010 the award was presented to Tim Lethorn, Archives Officer in the State Records Office for enhancing the reputation of the State Records Office for providing prompt, efficient, detailed and extensive reference services in the community.

Previous Winners

2008 - Lise Summers (SRO)
2007 - Pat Beament and the Historical Records Rescue Consortium (HRRC) team (SLWA)
2006 - Anne Gill (SRO)
2005 - Glenda Oakley (SLWA)
2005 - Damien Hassan (SRO)
2004 - Toni Munro (SLWA)
2004 - Recordkeeping Plan (RKP) Team - I. Smith, A. Gill, M. Fordham, L. Stekl, J. Morris, L. Summers, D. Hassan, V. Novak, M. Kelly, D. Carrie. (SRO)
2003 - Allison Fyfe (LISWA)
2002 - David Jones (LISWA)
2001 - Tom Reynolds (SRO)
2001 - Collections of Manuscripts Awaiting Processing Team (COMAP) - L. Hays, M. Price, G Foley, B Frayne, R Edwards, B. Stewart, A. Don, M. Craig, B.Ellen, G. O'Hanlon (LISWA)

The James Hammond Award

The James Hammond Award is presented for the attainment of excellence in the fields of book selection and library education. James Hammond was the Chief Assistant Librarian of The Library Board of Western Australia from 1954 to 1972. He assisted Francis Aubie Sharr to inaugurate the State-wide library service. He was a 'book person', with an extensive knowledge of and a great respect for the written word; he co-ordinated the stock selection for both public libraries and the reference collections. James was also prominent in the field of library education, being the first lecturer in Western Australia for the then Library Association of Australia examination, the Preliminary and the Registration Certificate. He died in 1990.

Previous Winners

2004 - Fiona Caratozzolo
2003 - Jane Jones
2002 - Glenda Oakley
2000 - Nola Allen
1998 - David Whiteford
1997 - Norene Garry
1996 - Sue Sondalini
1995 - Allison Fyfe
1994 - Peter Bloomfield

Megan Sassi Award for Excellence in Reference Librarianship

In 1992 the State Library Executive inaugurated an award to commemorate Megan Sassi, giving particular emphasis to her outstanding contribution to the organisation as a reference librarian.

Previous Winners

2005 - Steve Howell
2004 - Gerard Foley
2001 - Russell Hamilton
2000 - Jane Jones
1996 - Mary Lewin
1995 - Glenda Oakley
1994 - Jayne Phillips
1993 - Brian Dawson
1992 - Julie Martin

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