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Our Graduate Program is a unique opportunity offering graduates the ability to work across all areas within the Library.

Past Graduates

The Program features a diverse range of professional activities and is designed to provide you with a strong foundation for your career development. The Program aims to help graduates expand their knowledge and experience in an exciting, supportive and diverse environment.  Learning and development opportunities are combined with rotational placements, formal training and support over 12 months.

You will be challenged to further your professional skills and the circumstances in which you apply them.

For more information about applying for jobs within the WA public service check out the presentation:

For additional tips and tricks on writing better responses please check our "Top Tens" on the State Libraryís catalogue homepage where you will find list of Top 10 Books for Job Seekers.

If you have any further questions regarding the graduate program please contact:

Susan McEwan
Chair of the Graduate Program Steering Committee


Last updated 15th October 2012 

Q: What sort of Graduates are you looking for?

A: Weíre looking for Graduates who will immerse themselves in the Library, participate fully in the Program, and take opportunities to learn and contribute to all areas of the Library.
Enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal skills are necessary along with insight into how your skills and qualifications will help the Library to achieve its Strategic Directions.  You are only limited by the scope of your skills.

Q: Can Library Technicians apply for the program?

A: Yes, Library Technicians are welcome to apply for the program.

Q: Does the program involve study of library concepts for Graduates without a library background?

A: There is no formal study per se. You will learn what libraries are like on the job by doing the work that we do.

If you'd like to know more about what the State Library does please check out our latest annual report.

If you'd like to know more about the fundamental principles of librarianship you might want to check out the ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) Statement of Core Values.

Q: I have an IT qualification.  What kind of work would I do State Library?

A: The Digital Services team provides business enterprise support for the State Library. Day to day work includes ensuring network access, printing, maintiaining the Microsoft Office suite and backups. Digital Services also works closely with business units across the Library to ensure organisation-wide ICT delivery is achieved.

Digital Services staff also work behind the scenes to ensure smooth delivery of key technology to projects including the:

  • Premierís Book awards,
  • Launch of the new Better Beginnings website,
  • Reinvigorating the State Library's web presence,
  • Maintaining the Public Libraries' web portal
  • and improving IT applications to connect the community with the State Library's  resources

The State Library is constantly researching ways to deliver better services whether that be undertaking business analysis to enable the use of wireless network access for staff or how developing strategies to meet the challenge of storing priceless digital heritage for future generations.

These challenges mixed together with the underlying security and compliance requirements of a state government IT department make the State Library an exciting place to work if you have a background in IT.

Q: I donít have a Library qualification and have never worked in a Library.  What would I do at the State Library? *New*

A: The State Library is like any large organisation with a range of roles and skills required to deliver our services.  Skills in research, professional writing, education, history, cultural studies, marketing, project management, statistics, and data mining, and digital storytelling would be highly valued at the State Library.

Think about the range of skills youíve accumulated during your studies.  There may be opportunities to utilise those skills in areas we haven't yet considered, or you may identify opportunities for utilising your particular skills in developing, promoting and delivering our collections, programs and services to the community.

For more information about our collections, services, program, and about the State Library in general - please have a look at the information on our website and our recently released Annual Report.

Q: How many positions will there be?

A: We take as many as we can but it is all determined by the availability of funding.

Q: How is the Graduate Program structured?

A: The program offers all graduates a comprehensive overview of the Library and its many functions. Graduates are also given the opportunity to use the skills they have developed during their study.

Q: Is the Graduate Program offered part time?

A: Not at this time. However if you have special circumstances that require you to work less than full time please still submit an application and your circumstances will be considered as part of the process.

Q: Iíve noticed the Library is open 7 days a week and on evenings Monday to Thursday. Will I be required to work evenings and weekends?

A: Not at this time.

Q: I won't be in Western Australia at during the interview period can I still apply?

A: Yes of course. If you are chosen for interview we can conduct one via skype or over the phone.

Q: The JobsWA advert mentions obtaining a copy of the JDF.

A: The templates used for JobsWA contains this and it should have been removed.  Initially we are not providing a JDF as part of the recruitment process, as part of this yearís Graduate Program recruitment we require applicants to provide information as stated within the Job advertisement:

  • A copy of your academic qualifications
  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • A two page description of your role in a project covering: interpersonal/communication skills, research techniques, personal initiative and innovative thinking/problem solving skills to achieve team goals.

Q: Iím ready to submit my application.  Where do I submit it? *New*

A: To submit your application for the State Library Graduate Program, please follow the instructions in the Applicant Information Package attached in the Graduate Program advertisement on the website.
In the linked documents you will find the appropriate application lodgement details

Q: The Applicant Information Package mentions that some positions require medical and physical screening.

A: At this stage it is not envisaged that applicants for the State Libraryís Graduate Program will require a medical or physical test prior to commencing the Program.  Depending on the Program schedule in 2013 and specific requirements for working in some teams, it may become necessary to undertake a medical and physical screening.

Q: When does the program start?

A: This year we are anticipate the program will begin in January or early February.

Q: I've done my exams and know I've passed BUT I don't have my certificate or statement of results.  Can I still apply?

A: Yes. We understand that applicants may not have access to their final transcript when they apply for the program.  If you are the successful applicant you will be required to provide proof of your qualification before commencing your employment.

Q: Is there a chance of permanent employment after the graduate program?

A: Yes. Decisions regarding ongoing employment will be based on the library's business needs.

Q: I'm a mature age graduate.  Is this really a program designed for young people?

A: We are looking for people who have completed a degree recently and will bring up to date information, ideas and skills. We are also looking for people who are enthusiastic, driven and who like change. In our experience none of these are determined by age.

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Page last updated: Thursday 4 September 2014

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