Developing our Collections - Introduction

“...our collections represent the essence of the past, present and future memory of the country, they shape our psyche, record our diversity and development, provide insight into our national spirit, and inspire us for the future”. (Collections Council p. 4)


The State Library of Western Australia is the organisation established under the Library Board of Western Australia Act to manage the collection activities and the provision of library materials for the free public library system across the State. Collections under this governance arrangement are owned by the Library Board of Western Australia.

We select, acquire, process and distribute library resources in a range of categories and formats, including digital, which are made available through:

This framework has been created as a planning tool to focus and guide our selecting and collecting practices. It ensures that collections are sculpted in line with our key purpose and directions.

With the advent of the internet, mass digitization efforts, collaborative collecting and community created digital content, it is important to define and document the role and purpose our Library has in collecting.

Documentation of this collecting role is vital in:

  • supporting collection decisions;
  • focusing collection decisions and resources;
  • ensuring that collecting is aligned to our Strategic Directions;
  • providing a foundation for funding submissions and allocations; and
  • communicating the focus of our collecting.
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Page last updated: Monday 22 June 2015

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