Legal Deposit Act

The Legal Deposit Act 2012 received Royal Assent in May 2012.  The Act requires that Western Australia publications be deposited with the State Library, to ensure the ongoing collection and preservation of the State’s cultural heritage for future generations.

The Legal Deposit Regulations 2013 prescribe how the Act's provisions operate. The development of the regulations is being undertaken in two separate phases: 

  1. Regulations for the deposit of physical items such as books, journals, microform, maps, CDs, DVDs and digital works published on a physical carrier (Part 2 of the Act)
  2. Regulations for the deposit of online digital publications (Part 3 of the Act)

Following stakeholder consultation, regulations for Part 2 of the Act came into effect on 1 January 2014.

Consultation to develop regulations for Part 3 of the Act will be undertaken in November 2014. 


Section 20 of the Act requires that consultation be undertaken with persons likely to be affected by the regulations before the regulations are developed.  The State Library of Western Australia and the Library Board of Western Australia recognise the importance of engaging our partners, the community and staff in consultation to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of those people in the community who are most affected by our policy decisions.

Regulations for the deposit of physical items

The initial consultation for the development of these regulations was undertaken in 2012. A Discussion paper [PDF] was produced in August 2012 to provide a basis for discussion about the regulations. Consultation on this paper closed in September 2012. A Report on the consultation [PDF] was subsequently prepared, summarising the feedback received through the consultation.

Consultation on the draft Legal Deposit Regulations 2013 [PDF] was undertaken from July to September 2013. These regulations prescribe the operation of Part 2 of the Act – Deposit of public documents with the State Librarian. A report on the draft regulations consultation [PDF] was prepared on October 2013. 

Regulations for the deposit of online digital publications

Consultation to develop regulations for Part 3 of the Act was undertaken with publishers, government and community groups in November 2014. The digital legal deposit discussion paper was provided to participants as a basis for discussion about the regulations. A report on the consultation was prepared in December 2014.

The State Library is now devoloping drafting instructions for the Parliamentary Council's Office, which will be used to create Regulations for Part 3 of the Act.

For information on how to fulfil your Legal Deposit obligations please see our Legal Deposit Page.

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Page last updated: Friday 8 May 2015

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