Keeping Up: Engaging Clients and Developing Readers

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On Tuesday 20 September 2011 the State Library of Western Australia presented Keeping Up: engaging clients and developing readers.

This year's seminar focused on innovative programs, digital content delivery and social media use. We had a line up of four excellent speakers, a topical panel session and some engaging optional activities.

Listen to the panel session here. For more details, see the paragraph below, and bios of the speakers. The panel was chaired by Mike Murray, Library Board of WA, and included Helen Whitty from the Powerhouse Museum, who curated the Odditoreum exhibition. Helen is the first speaker. David Lee King was not part of the panel.


A panel discussion on the topic of cultural institutions as learning spaces and places, social media as a learning space and place, and the junction between the two. Discussion centred around the uptake of technology by our clients, and how we, as cultural and learning organisations, can engage with our clients in this space.


David Lee King

David is the Digital Branch & Services Manager at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. He has a popular blog where he talks about emerging technology and library websites.

David described the current social media & technology transformation taking place, and applied those changes to a library setting. He finished by showing how libraries need to change to be part of our new online, participatory world, and provided pointers to plan for these changes.

Garry Conroy-Cooper

Garry is the Brand Project Manager at LINC Tasmania. He has an eclectic background in the public and private sectors and is experienced, knowledgeable and continually learning in the following areas ... libraries | learning | information | literacy | project management | organisational sociology | leadership | art & design | maximising the talents & attributes of personnel | reading history | 4WDriving | pistol shooting | deer head collecting … he thrills in destroying sacred cows & bulls and takes an opportunistic view of the world.

"Learn it or Lose it"
Garry challenged the library & information profession to strategically embed themselves into the 'decade of literacy' that is emerging in Australia. Literacy underpins lifelong learning ... literacy underpins reading via the medium that is valid for the reader. Learning and literacy are inseparable and he challenges you, our industry and our profession to not just get relevant, but get resurgent in this space.

Paula Kelly

Paula is the Reader Development and Offsite Programs Manager at the State Library of Victoria. Paula was a 2009 Churchill Fellow where she went on a study tour to investigate international reading programs that support the development of readers.

"A Churchill Fellow's Tour - Reading Around the world in 54 days!"
Paula shared what she learned and the experience of her study tour, as well as her thoughts on promoting reader development in a national context and how this ties in with the National Year of Reading.

Linda Barron

Linda spoke on behalf of Rory McLeod, the Director Client Services and Collections at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ). Client Services and Collections is the largest part of SLQ, covering some 200 people.

"New Library Models for Client Engagement and Participation"
The State Library of Queensland is currently implementing a significant organisational realignment.  Drawing on key changes to services, collections and areas of focus, this session explored the library models implicated in the development of the Asia Pacific Design Library and the State Library's Digital Culture Centre - The Edge. The re-imagining of reference services, the move from Collection Development Policy to Content Strategy and the role of innovative learning and participation programs as part of the new model, were also discussed.

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