The State Library hosts a number of innovative events, here are some of the highlights, including links to audio and video of some presentations.

Disrupted Festival of Ideas


The Disrupted Festival of Ideas was held at the State Library on October 31 through to November 2 2014. The following is the opening address to the Festival by the Margaret Allen CEO and State Librarian.


Keeping Up: Engaging Clients and Developing Readers


Keeping Up: engaging clients and developing readers - a library seminar held in 2011.


Public Libraries: Public Libraries: Alternative Futures Forum - 06 July 2011


A library forum was held on Wednesday 06 July 2011, at the Central Institute of Technology. Three respected speakers will discuss library service and management models in their states, past, present and future. Develop an understanding of future options available to Western Australian public libraries based on successful models in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.


Necessity is the mother of (re)invention


A library seminar was held on Wednesday 28 April 2010, in the State Library Theatre. The seminar was intended to strengthen the vision for the development of public libraries in Western Australia and also support the work currently underway with the reform of public library services.


From Transaction to Transformation


A presentation was held on Friday 9th September 2011, at the State Library of Western Australia for WA Library staff and Council line managers. The speaker, Nicky Parker spoke about her journey to transform the public library service in the City of Manchester in the UK.


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