Structural Reform Plan

An Implementation Plan was produced in August 2008 and endorsed later that year by the Western Australian Local Government Association and the State Library of Western Australia. The top ten strategies were endorsed by the Strategic Library Partnership Agreement Steering Committee (SLPASC) and summaries of the associated actions have been documented including noting tasks and dependencies on other strategies. These top ten priorities were themselves prioritised as shown on the summary sheets.

In December 2010 the SLPASC reviewed the priorities and set new ones as the focus for 2011. These, together with comments on all strategies and actions, are shown in the revised Implementation Plan (Nov 2010).  Options for the way forward for each project were also endorsed at the December meeting.

A project manager is overseeingthe implementation of the strategies and reports progress to the SLPASC via monthly reports. At the overarching implementation level, a project plan and a communication plan have been endorsed and a risk register will be maintained. 

Individual strategies and actions will have their own project plans and associated documents.

Keep abreast of developments via the structural reform blog.

Annual reports will also be produced. The first report is for 2009/10.


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Page last updated: Tuesday 4 January 2011

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