Public Libraries and Us

The State Library:

  • provides public library collections of catalogued books and other materials, and
  • facilitates the provision of a wide range of information services 

to the people of Western Australia through a Statewide network of public libraries managed by local government. 

The partnership between State and local governments, and other participating bodies, is maintained and developed through consultation, joint decision making and agreed standards.

The Department of Culture and the Arts and the State Library of Western Australia are committed to supporting WA public libraries and acknowledge the benefits they deliver to the community.

Framework Agreement

In June 2010 a new Framework Agreement between State and local Goverment for the provision of public library services in Western Australia was signed.  This framework agreement provides an overarching framework of broad parameters for the future direction of Western Australia's public library services.   It is in place until June 2014 and was negotiated by the Strategic Library Partnership Agreement Steering Committee (SLPASC). 

The SLPASC’s role is to oversee and drive the process and negotiations related to structural reform and the development of a new partnership agreement between the two spheres of Government.  SLPASC Operating Guidelines and Terms of Reference.

Structural Reform of Public Library Services

A major strategic task for the Strategic Library Partnership Agreement Steering Committee (SLPASC) is the long term structural reform of public library services in Western Australia. An examination of the most efficient and effective model for the delivery of public library services has been undertaken. The final report was presented at a public meeting at the State Library in August 2007.

Implementation of all strategies from the report is expected to take three to five years.

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Page last updated: Thursday 4 September 2014

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