Fees and Charges as at 1 July 2016

Reproduction Charges | Inter Library Loans | Other Fees and Charges

Reproduction Charges
Sale of Photocopies / Printing
A4 black and white
A3 black and white
A4 full colour
A3 full colour

Sale of Microforms
Reel of microfilm

Sale of Digital Images
Digital file < A3 300ppi tiff
Digital file > A3 150ppi tiff/JPEG
Express Service

Film and Video (Digital Only)
VHS to DVD conversion

Oral History (Digital Only)
Per CD

Postage and packaging
Public Orders - Within Australia
Public Orders - Overseas

Bookshop orders at cost (postage charges)
All items

Lost and Damaged Books Recovery
Depreciated cost replacement lost Public Library Stock
Administration fee Reference Stock
Replacement of SLWA Stock


Inter Library Loans
Western Australian Public Libraries
Service charge - Regional ILL

50% of fixed charge
External libraries
Loans (eg: books, microfilms etc)
Photocopies B&W up to 50 printed pages
Core service (incl. delivery by mail)
Rush service (incl. delivery by fax/express mail)
Express service (incl. delivery by fax/express mail)
Default service (incl. delivery by mail)

Additional charges
Additional photocopies

Each additional 50 printed pages
Colour photocopies per printed page

Additional delivery by
Express post for photocopies
Express post for loans up to 3 kgs

Home Delivery
Postage charge for home delivery


Other Fees and Charges
Research Charges
Commercial research will be undertaken by State Library staff at a negotiated rate on a case-by-case basis.
Data Extraction Services
Negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
Training Courses
Negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
Locker Hire
Goods Recovery (Storage per day)

$10.00 per day

Music Studio Hire (with Piano)


$3.30 for 15 minutes
$5.50 for 30 minutes
$9.90 for 60 minutes
$7.70 for 60 minutes
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Page last updated: Thursday 18 August 2016

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